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How to Take an Active Role

SleepWell Solutions Treats Bed Partners Too!

You can be proactive and help your bed partner get treated so you both get better sleep.

SleepWell Solutions treats the spouses and sleep mates of our patients as much as we treat the snorer. Once the snoring goes away, the bed partner gets more rest and starts to feel better. Sometimes the bed partner doesn’t realize how bad the snoring was affecting his or her sleep until the snoring goes away.

Try these tips:

  • Suggest that you both get screened for sleep disordered breathing to see if either of you has a problem that could lead to something more serious
  • Discuss the negative health effects of sleep deprivation
  • Research different treatment options and discuss with your partner
  • Ask your partner to discuss his/her snoring with his/her primary care doctor
  • Tell a story about a friend who had a positive experience with treatment
  • Show your partner what patients have said about using a TAP. (Click here.)
It Is Possible to Sleep in the Same Room Again!

“Over half of my patients make it to my office because their spouse has kicked them out of the bedroom. People laugh when I say that I’m the best sex counselor in town, but it’s true. I get people back in bed together.”

- Dr. Keith Thornton

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