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Working with Your Doctors

Because sleep disordered breathing affects more than one system of the body (such as your heart and your metabolism), SleepWell Solutions encourages you to inform all of your doctors and your dentist about your treatment.

Conditions Related to Sleep Apnea Doctor(s) to Tell about Your Treatment

High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Heart disease, heart attack

Primary care physician


Primary care physician
Bariatric surgeon

Glucose intolerance

Primary Care Physician

Relationship issues

Primary care physician

Reflux (GERD)

Primary care physician

Morning headaches

Primary care physician

Teeth grinding (bruxism) Dentist

WARNING: Sleep Apnea and Surgery
If you plan to have surgery, it is very important to tell your surgeon and anesthesiologist that you have been diagnosed with and are being treated for sleep apnea. The drugs used to sedate patients for surgery can make sleep apnea worse which can lead to complications.

Coordinated Care
SleepWell Solutions is committed to working with your own medical and dental practitioners to provide you with the best care possible. Upon your request, we will send progress reports about your treatment to the doctors of your choice (e.g. primary care physician, dentist, cardiologist, ENT, OB/GYN, etc.).

You may use the form below to have information sent to your physicians and dentist. Please complete the form and fax it to SleepWell Solutions at (214) 987-4827.

Coordinated Care Form

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