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SleepWell Solutions provides comprehensive care for snoring and sleep apnea. Our treatment solutions address the specific needs of each patient, no matter how severe the problem. SleepWell Solutions works with patients to manage their snoring and sleep apnea for a lifetime.

Our Treatment Approach
The SleepWell Solutions approach is simple, logical and non-surgical. Patients benefit from reliable results. Our approach was developed by Dr. Keith Thornton, a leading expert in the field of dental sleep medicine. Read more… 

Our Services
SleepWell Solutions focuses on providing comprehensive care to our patients for a lifetime. Our services extend far beyond treatment. We improve health, but more importantly we improve the quality of our patients’ lives. Read more… 

Coordinated Care
SleepWell Solutions is committed to being part of your health care team, including your primary care physician, specialists and dentist. We work with your doctors to provide you with the best care possible. Read more… 

Cost and Payment Options
Learn about the cost of treatment at SleepWell Solutions and your payment options. Read on…  

Many private insurance companies do cover treatment services provided by SleepWell Solutions. Read more… 

Schedule an Appointment
To schedule an appointment at SleepWell Solutions, click here. 

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