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Our Services

Think of SleepWell Solutions as your partner for healthy sleep. We offer comprehensive treatment options for snoring and sleep apnea that produce reliable results.

SleepWell Solutions focuses on providing an optimal clinical experience to make the process of getting diagnosed and treated as easy as possible.

FREE Screening and Consultation
SleepWell Solutions offers a FREE screening test and consultation to anyone interested in TAP Therapy™. We invite you to come find out why TAP Therapy™ is a patient-preferred solution for all types of sleep disordered breathing! Call 214-987-4827 for an appointment today.

Home Sleep Studies
As a convenience to our patients, we offer a home sleep study to evaluate whether or not the patient has any degree of sleep apnea. New patients typically check out equipment to take a home study before their first appointment with the dentist. This initial test establishes a baseline and objectively measures how bad the patient’s sleep disordered breathing is before treatment.  Home sleep studies are used in conjunction with follow-up appointments to measure the treatment success of TAP therapy or TAP Combination Therapy.

Treatment Appointments
If you choose be treated with a TAP appliance, you will be scheduled for two appointments. The first appointment will include an oral examination, x-rays and dental impressions. You will return a week later to have your appliance fitted.

Follow-Up Appointments
Your first follow-up appointment will be scheduled approximately three weeks after you are fitted with your TAP device. Prior to all follow-up appointments, you will check out equipment to take a sleep test at home (while sleeping with your TAP device). The dentist will review the results of the test with you to make sure your appliance is set at the optimal treatment position.

Because sleep disordered breathing is a chronic condition, patients are encouraged to return every year for a check up. SleepWell Solutions also encourages patients to schedule an appointment if they notice a change in their condition.

If there is a problem with you’re TAP or TAP-CPAP device, SleepWell Solutions will make any adjustments necessary. There is no charge for adjustments during the first three months of wearing any TAP device.

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SleepWell Solutions is committed to working with your team of doctors to treat your sleep disordered breathing. Click here to learn more.
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